About Best Enterprises

As a platinum general contractor in East Northport, Best Enterprises is familiar with the homes and families in the area. Being a family-owned and operated business motivates us to keep your family’s home in tip-top shape.

President Barry Burke

Barry was among the best contractors in the area when he decided to venture independently and start Best Enterprises General Contracting in 2000.

With decades of experience before starting his own business, Barry aims to continue providing the best remodeling services in the area and expanding the business and brand. He has started on his path by having two locations and a showroom space. Barry works hard to ensure your home is safe and up to par so you and your family can live happily.


Pete is unlike the typical sales managers you encounter with other contractors. He cares about each client and strives to work within your budget and time frame. 

Through Best Enterprises General Contracting, we offer competitive prices on roofing services; kitchen remodels, and more. This is partly due to Pete’s skills in negotiating contracts and finding the best solution for your home improvement needs. Pete strives to build relationships with clients that last years to come.


Adding to the family business, Joey acts as an expeditor, meaning he coordinates the movement of materials. He works to maintain the schedule for workers, production, project progress, and keeping deadlines. 

Another major aspect of his role is keeping an inventory, placing orders, and inspecting the quality of the products. Best Enterprises would not be able to maintain a well-organized showroom without Joey. Our roofing services rely heavily on Joey’s ability to order the correct amount of product and ensure it makes it to its final destination. 


Erika prides herself on handling the administrative aspects of the family business and is passionate about each and every client. She is one of the first people you will encounter when you contact Best Enterprises General Contracting, as she handles phone calls, billing, and coordinating communications for certain projects.

Erika has been watching the family from a young age and excels at providing superior services to customers throughout the area. She can become your point of contact from your initial consultation and can help to ensure your services are completed within budget and on time. 

Being born and raised in Northport is an advantage for Erika because she can advise you of the best services and other home remodeling services you may need for your home.

Platinum Contractor

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With decades of experience as roofing contractors and general contractors, Best Enterprises General Contracting is one of the highest-rated roofing contractors in the area. We offer competitive pricing on all home remodeling projects and unmatched warranties on materials and labor. If you are in East Northport and need home remodeling, contact Best Enterprise General Contracting at 631-337-8806 or complete our online form today.